I love these images!
Rene was married in October so we had a little fun after the fact.
I can't really call this a trash the dress session- I just don't think that's the proper term for it. Her dress was already pretty dirty on the bottom- which I thought was great but, trashing wasn't the idea. It was more of a - 'let's go and shoot without worrying about it'
We were given a beautiful, warm, November day to shoot and it could not have been more perfect!
Thanks to Isla's help with lighting I was able to capture some fantastic moments.


Trisha said...

Rene, HOT! HOT! HOT! You look beautiful. You have a second career; although, I personally hope you don't give up the first one anytime soon. lol, ole sexy one.

Anonymous said...

Rene', you are beyond lovely!! I agree, you do have a 2nd career should you choose. The venue for the photo shoot is very cool also. What a fun way to get more out of your wedding dress.
Love you, Grandma

Anonymous said...

My gorgeous beautiful daughter!! I absolutely LOVE these photos!!!!

shazelwoodmarr said...

Absolutely beautiful! Chris & Shelly Marr

Ceann said...

Rene you are gorgeous and those pictures are awsome!!!! I wish ya'll the best of blessings and courage through out your marriage!!!!

With love Ceann, Jacob, and Layla

Robin & Tim said...

Beautiful inside and out.
Jake's a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

Rene, these pics are amazing! You are beautiful and I love the pictures! Congrats!
Heather (Buffington)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rene!

LOVE the pictures - you look like a movie star!! ?next career - so pretty and old-fashioned too!



PS - Jake knows how lucky he is!heehee