Lynn and Greg The Blockade Runner

Lynn and Greg were a blast to spend a day with- the wedding day was perfect- and everything ran so smoothly and right on time thanks to Miss Jane.

Lynn has old fashioned taste with a flair and her wedding was a great reflection of it. From the embroidery on her gown to the tea roses in her bouquet to the rockin band that kept everyone on their feet all night.

Lynn and Greg had tables outside on the lawn as well as in the ballroom- part of guests were lucky enough to dine by the ocean - not too shabby!


Anonymous said...


You took amazing photos that froze a beautiful event in time. I, as a guest, never knew you were floating around capturing each of our laughs, hugs and tears. Thank you for helping to make my dear friends day even more special.

Anne McGowan said...

Thank you so much- I can't tell you how I appreciate your words.
It was a wonderful day that we had to chance to witness- every detail means so much...laughter, joy, and tears as well!

Anne McGowan said...
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