Stephanie and David

Okay- so, first you need to know that Stephanie is FUNNY. She decided to tell David that I don't take photographs that I 'capture memories'. Too much! I laughed the whole way through this session.

We worked together on Bald Head at the beginning of the month- they were nailing down their wedding plans for October.
So here's a preview of the fun we are going to have in a few months!

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David said...

Anne-You were and are so much fun to work with. David and I could not believe how enjoyable this experience was (and affordable)! All of my friends and family are hoping that you snap a shot of them at the wedding. Some are even contacting you, on their own, based on the work you did with us. Please feel free to direct any questions for referrals to me, I'd be happy to tell them about the experience. It's so helpful to have had this practice run before the wedding. So, here's to making memories with Anne McGowan. Cheers!!!
-Stephanie Williams (soon to be English:)