The City Club/ Wilmington NC Wedding photographer

This was a fun shoot between myself, The City Club at de Rosset and the very talented crew from Salt Harbor Designs (thanks Jen!)
We had a great team of talent come together to make all of the details perfect for the Victorian style shoot. The City Club was built in 1841 so Jen used this as her inspiration-

Thanks to A Carolina Wedding for the gowns ( thanks Tonya and Randall).
The lovely cake was created by Niki MacRae of Niki's Cakes Kelly Burgess of the Island Retreat Spa and Salon as well as Wards for fantastic hair and to Natural Elegance by Phoebe who provided makeup. Phoebe is coming out with her own line of makeup this spring- Look for it soon! to contact Phoebe directly
And also a big thanks to Renee and Eddie- our models
you all made it a great day


jpclarke said...

Makes me want to marry, again, my wonderful bride of 32 years. --Just so we could have some beautiful photos like these!

ray said...

Beautiful as always... Great work Anne!

Ronman said...

Once again, pretty work. Tell me Anne, this may be an abstract question but do you favor a particular lens?

Lisa, photo said...

You are a GREAT photographer!

Anne McGowan said...