Sarah and John

Sarah and John were married in Arlington Va on the Saturday before Christmas.

Sarah's mother's pearls...It was chilly and overcast, but the light was great and the hemlocks on the grounds of the historic Hendry House were so green- it was a perfect backdrop for a few pre ceremony shots of the bride and groom together.

Can't you see the joy? John came out to the lawn to greet Sarah before the ceremony.
It was a wonderfully intimate ceremony- the guests gathered closely around as the couple said their vows, exchanged their rings and said 'I do'. Even though I was prohibited from shooting any photos during the ceremony, I think that this sums it all up.

There was a fantastic bluegrass band that everyone kicked their heels up to- this one had just had his head bonked on the chandelier by one of the rowdy dancers- we were all anticipating the worst but, as you can see....

a bit of fun through the window...

Carla and Kevin

Carla and Kevin said their I Do's in the grove at Fort Fisher. It was beautiful- but it was COLD. Let me put it this way- I had on my down jacket and gloves cold.
Carla was a dream. She never once complained about freezing.
She was the most willing, little subject!
I was blessed to work with such a nice couple..... so, so nice.
Most folks (maybe even me!) would have frozen through a few quick photos, but not Carla. She and Kevin wanted to make the very most of their time as a brand new newlyweds. We were out until the sun fell- so nice! Thanks being so sweet, Carla and Kevin!!!!

The Byrne Family Thanksgiving

The Byrnes were determined! We met on Thanksgiving Day on Bald Head for their session- I thought I'd show a bit of their true personalities-
They jumped and jumped and jumped- but I got this shot one during one of the first jumps. I was just trying to help them burn off some of that turkey...
This was the last really warm day of the year and it was a good thing we decided to shoot on a holiday- the next day didn't get above 50 and the wind was blowing like crazy.

Calie's senior session

Calie is someone that I have known for a few years now and I was thrilled to shoot her senior session. I feel old- I admit- but it was fun!
This girl is beautiful- inside and out. We hung out around town and shot a few fun photos.
I have recently acquired this crazy, green chair and I LOVE IT - especially with Calie in front of the hot pink background.