Stephanie and Blair

Stephanie and Blair looked sharp for our session downtown.
I mean, if you're going to do it, you may as well do it UP .

Take a peek...

Just before the sun went down we made it to the beach.
We had only minutes, but they made it so work!

Kristen and Bryan

Can you believe this little girlie is a volunteer fire(wo) man?
I am calling her my firefly-
She and Bryan will be having a beach ceremony in mid October- a perfect time of year for the beach.

Stephanie and David

Okay- so, first you need to know that Stephanie is FUNNY. She decided to tell David that I don't take photographs that I 'capture memories'. Too much! I laughed the whole way through this session.

We worked together on Bald Head at the beginning of the month- they were nailing down their wedding plans for October.
So here's a preview of the fun we are going to have in a few months!

Baby Jack

So, maybe you remember Baby Spence from January (if not click on the January sidebar at the top of the page)
Jack arrived on January 17th.
This is him 1 week after his debut.
He was beautiful, peaceful and so teeny tiny. I just love it when they are so brand new.

Emily and Calvin

Calvin and Emily will be tying the knot in April
we spent a little time together during one of our forgiving January days- though the ocean was still cold!
Here is a bit of our good time together