Alison and Gavin

Alison and Gavin were married on Bald Head Island in early June.
The wedding took place right in front of her mother's house on East Beach.
Bright blue skies and tons of happiness made for the perfect day.

Loved the Kate Spades

Beth and Dwayne

Beth and Dwayne were married in Wilmington in May at the Kenan Chapel In Landfall.

Beth and I grew up in the same town in Va- small world! She knows my brother and we have lots of people in our past in common.

Dwayne is a Carolina boy who owns the Crescendo - a beautiful sail boat here on the coast.

Click on this one- Dwayne's best man, Teddy, has quite a sense of humor

Anna And Kinney

Anna and Kinney were married Sunday June 8 on Bald Head Island.
The most unique aspect of their date is that they will share their anniversary with Anna's parents- who celebrated 50 years together on Anna and Kinney's wedding day-

Anna and Kinney had an all star cast of vendors in the background working to make the day come together-
Hair and makeup by Jeannie Blake
Flowers by Kim Fisher Designs
Cakes by Crumb de la Crumb
Anna and Kinney celebrated with 3 cakes. One wedding cake an anniversary cake and a birthday cake for Kinney who celebrated a birthday on June 3.
Needless to say- It was all pretty sweet!

Julie and Ben

Julie and Ben were married in May on Bald Head Island.

I can't imagine a more perfect day.
After the ceremony we hit a few of my favorite spots on the island.

There were a ton of weddings that day so we couldn't go to the grounds of Old Baldy.
So I grabbed a quick shot of them under the arbor.