Olivia and Kanhka

Doesn't it look warm?

It WASN'T - it was soooo cold and you would never know it from these photos!

Olivia and Kanhka are getting married in the fall and this was our only chance for a fun photo shoot before the wedding.
So after an entire weekend of planning together they met me and this was my Monday afternoon with them.


Baby Taylor

Beautiful baby Taylor didn't cry and was just as happy as she could be during our session-
Not a peep- just coos and little smiles to be...

Baby Spence

Rachel and Jonathan are expecting their baby boy any day now- she is actually due on my mother's birthday, January 13th. We'll just see if she makes it.
These two are more fun than most folks on the planet- I can only imagine the life that baby Jack has in store!

Check out a few of the shots with their first 'child'.
Sandy is a bit unsure of the whole deal...

I can't wait to be an Aunt Peepeh