2012 Weddings

Here is a quick recap of some of my weddings from 2012.
What a wonderful year full of new friends, new experiences, even a challenge with photographing during Sandy...
But you'll see how full of love and laughter the year was for me- 
Here's to 2013!

Amanda and Kevin- a small Shoals Club wedding with a lot of heart

Riley and Calane- one of the best experiences of my wedding career.  There was MAGIC between them.

Anne and Jay- there were only a couple of witnesses- but there was a LOT of love- I love her mom's reaction in the second photo!

 Brittany and Jonathan - I love love love this gown!

 Magan and Dan-    a moment of laughter and excitement as her mom puts on her veil

Erin and Chilly... I mean Jay...



MH and Matt- a family that is so close to my heart...  Love you guys!

Elizabeth and Barrow- 
A wedding that was in my home church and old stomping grounds. It meant so much to be a part of this day...
 thanks for the 10 spot I borrowed!  I owe ya!



Kelly and Josh- I love a girl who knows just what she wants and goes for it. This is one lucky man!


Lauren and Mike- an epic day on Figure Eight with an amazing amount of fun -

A stolen moment from Kim and Matt's wedding. This was the last dance. This one makes my heart smile.

 Lindsey and  Kyle's wedding/cane with an uninvited Sandy. Despite it all, they never EVER stopped smiling, joking or laughing. You would never know that it wasn't just another sunny day from their happiness.

Ironically, Lindsey bought this card weeks before the wedding :)

 Michelle and Preston...

This moment was right after they came out of the chapel- both were in tears!

Megan and Tom-

Megan's father shared in a toast that Tom asked him for her hand in marriage unknowingly in the same room that Megan's father had asked for her mother's hand many years ago...
 her mom's reaction
Virginia and Mike- I loved that her shoes matched her girls dresses- and flowers!  This was one of my most relaxed brides ever.  I loved being a part of this day-