Bald Head Island Family Photography/ Anne Liles

I've had such a great summer- seeing old friends and making new ones...watching couples grow into families... babies on the way with little sisters becoming big sisters... the list goes on and here is a peek at what I've been up to ( why I haven't blogged in a while!). This is a teensy bit of what I photographed. There is much more to come!

I very much enjoy the way a family session progresses- beginning with everyone clean, hair combed, shirts tucked in and ready to meet me...but what I truly love is the end of a session when the children get wet, messy, sandy and become themselves! You'll see much more of that in this post and you'll understand why...

Sweet little boys- he picks a tie or bow tie out every day on his own

A British Invasion of fun and love!

New big sisters...and bigger sisters

The enjoyment of being covered in your grandchildren

Having everything you want- 

The whole family ( the more the merrier!)

Sweet baby Pearl on the way (all the way from Texas!)

Time with mom and dad 

Wind Sisters

And kids who think they will need to 'act surprised' when the waves hit them ;)

And, of course, bottoms

Happy Fall, y'all